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Poetry for a Lifetime | The Camper's Companion | Gift Stores

Poetry for a Lifetime (TOP)

"Recently purchased your Poetry for a Lifetime, and I just wanted to tell you that it is one of the most precious books that I have ever chosen.  What a delightful selection of some of the most beautiful, unique, and delightful poetry collected in one edition.  I, too, have always enjoyed picking up a book of poetry to read and this is one that I shall certainly enjoy and cherish over and over.....I intend to share it with anyone who will listen to me.  God bless you for the love, time and effort that you put into this lovely book."  —J. Jacobson

"I just wanted to say a quick thank you and let you know that all the items got here in one piece. I took around the box to let everyone take what they wanted.  The books were extremely popular, they were gone within 5 minutes and I actually had a few people come back and ask if I had any more!  I kept one behind to put in the unit library so everyone can enjoy it." —A U.S. Soldier in Iraq on receiving a package containing food and 3 copies of Poetry for a Lifetime

"Poetry for a Lifetime is a magnificent book and should soon be on the best seller list. The binding is beautiful and the contents simply wonderful. I have never encountered so many old favorites in one book. Your comments are especially enjoyable." --H. Grant

"One of my most cherished birthday gifts was your Poetry for a Lifetime. Many of the poems chosen for your book were those we were required to memorize in the early grades—and we later attempted to teach to our students. Your annotations were a truly delightful addition." --M. Daniel

"This is the most fabulous book around. I don’t know how I didn’t see it before. I need at least a dozen." --S. Jordan

"It is with greatest gratitude that I am writing to you regarding your absolutely wonderful collection of poetry...I immediately knew that not only each household had to have one, but each grandchild needed one to carry them through their lives always." --M. Troff

"I received your book the other day and what a beautiful book it is. I have even found a couple of poems my father used to quote. Thank you! I will enjoy and cherish the book." --B. Barram, PH.D.

"You cannot imagine how thrilled we were with this book and the memories that it evoked. Both my Parents as well as their parents loved poetry and most of the poems in this book, I would say 90% are poems that they would often recite. I would like very much to thank Dr. Etheredge." --E. Stanton

"I let one of my bridge playing friends borrow your book so that she could see the poem on bridge. Since then the book has made the rounds from one resident to another. A number of them ordered copies for themselves, their children and their grandchildren. Everyone agrees that it is a truly wonderful book - open it any any page and run into an 'old friend.' You've brought much happiness to many here." --A satisfied customer

The Camper's Companion (TOP)

"This is a very unique book. I can't recall seeing any other like it on the market. I like the size, it is compact enough to make easy to take camping. I like the mix of informational material and the more poetic of materials. The format is easy to read. Indeed, a fine companion for the great outdoors."
      --Writer's Digest

"The Camper's Companion is proving to be a permanent addition to my 'essentials' list.  Short stories and classic poems with focus on the great outdoors are perfect for backpacking and other outings where you have short periods to enjoy reading.  The poems and stories are great to share with Boy Scouts or anyone around the fire.  Every time I open the book, I find more interesting outdoor knowledge and reference gems hidden among the poems.
     Etheredge also thoughtfully made the book in a size and shape with hikers in mind, slips right into a back pocket.  I've torn paperbacks in half for backpack outings and this works for personal reading, but The Camper's Companion is the right shape and weight for those of us who like everything in its place and know that every ounce counts."          —Richard Weerts, BSA Assistant Scoutmaster

"A great companion to anyone's backpack, especially when he likes to be out there alone away from other mortal souls."   
             —Bill Cooper SM Emeritus Troop 237

 If you're like me, you been sitting round a fire "once upon a midnight dreary..." wishing you could recite The Raven, or snowbound in a tent thinking this was way too much like Shakleton, or wishing you could just figure out the least painful way to get this damn fishhook out of your finger, then you'll be glad you tossed The Camper's Companion in your rucksack. It will be worth its weight in Snicker bars!
     --John Owen, 20 year member American Alpine and Sierra Club

I'm writing to say how well our Scouts enjoyed your new book, The Camper's Companion, on our last outing.  We recently brought copies along on our snow camping trip in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Around our campfire, I read "Leiningen Versus the Ants" which caused me to remember when it had been read to me at Scout Camp so many years ago.  One of our Scouts read Jack London's "To Build a Fire" which all agreed was the perfect story for camping in the snow.  The book is great because it has so many stories, poems and scouting tips but yet it's light enough so that you don't notice any extra weight in your backpack. We'll be needing a few copies for our "50 miler" this summer.
          —Larry Kelley, Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop 4

I was entertained, educated, engrossed and invigorated.  Your collection of poems, verses, stories and trail tips is incredibly well conceived, an endeavor for which you should be extremely proud and deserve great accolades.  The literary mixture of art, philosophy, grit, wonderment, patriotism and outdoor advisories is a treasure disguised as a booklet.               —D. Frisbie, Outdoorsman

What a great idea for a book - a small lightweight guide that packs tons of useful and fun information for campers and backpackers in one handy neat little package. No scout troop or family of camping enthusiasts should be without it. The editor has done a great job of accumulating information that will aid the camper's mind, body and soul. In addition to outdoor survival tips for just about any situation you may encounter, you'll also find a small collection of short adventure tales - perfect for sharing around the campfire, as well as all time favorite poems, to read aloud or just reflect on amid the beauty of nature. There's even poker instructions should you want to play a friendly game. And the "Seven Principles of Leave No Trace" will help you leave the territory in the same shape you found it. But it is the book's practical information that makes it such a valuable addition to any and every backpack. Should disaster ever strike, you'll be far better equipped to handle it with this guide in your possession.     — (see entire review)

Now Bob is expanding my horizons through two new books which pair poetry with some unlikely bedfellows -- practical camping tips, stories, star maps, mythology and first aid instructions. One is called "The Camper's Companion" and the other is "The Military Companion." They are designed to be books on the go, created to fit in your pocket or your knapsack and be pulled out for a campfire story or a quick moment of sanity during a tour of duty. The books are similar, although "The Military Companion" has a more militaristic flavor with the inclusion of inspiring speeches, war stories, world flags, military information, maps and poker rules. Both books are fun to read, as well as educational and edifying. Christina Engelbrecht, Contra Costa Times, April 7, 2005

What Stores are Saying about Poetry for a Lifetime (TOP)

"I have never had a gift book that has sold as quickly as Sam Etheredge's Poetry for a Lifetime. I have already reordered 8 times! It's a classic that all ages can enjoy and share. It makes the perfect gift."
--Anne Mercer, Buyer, Orchard Nursery

"Poetry for a Lifetime has been a most successful gift item in our store. It is a great impulse buy and practically sells itself. It is a natural for a holiday gift or special occasion, but it really sells all year long. We've sold over 220 books in the last 8 months." --Tom Phair, Phair's Fine Gift Store

"Poetry for a Lifetime has been selling well in our store without any advertising. We have it near the counter and people pick it up, like it and purchase it. It appeals to such a wide variety of customers--from young to old. It really makes a lovely gift." --Anne List, A&H Hallmark Stores


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