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Our first publication was the award-winning anthology of well-known poems, Poetry for a Lifetime. A new collection of poems, tales and survival tips for camping has just been released, The Camper's Companion. We released a similar volume for our soldiers and Marines--The Military Companion. We just released a great new book, The American Challenge. which is a perfect reference book for all Americans, and anyone who wants to become an American.
The American Challenge
The American Challenge is a vitally useful and rewarding handheld pocket encyclopedia of history’s greatest experiment in freedom. It is an indispensable reference that both informs and inspires.

- Rabbi Daniel Lapin: President, American Alliance of Jews and Christians

This is an amazing compendium of American history and culture. It is written in an easily read and understood format that allows the reader to open to any page and be able to follow what that page contains... This is a superb project that all Americans and wannebee Americans need to experience. We rated it a 5 heart score.

- Bob Spear, The Book Barn & Heartland Reviews

What every American should know about their country
America gets its power to govern from the people of the country. Those citizens need to know the basics of America's institutions, history, and documents to properly exercise their duties and obligations to vote responsibly and keep our country great. And with the surge in immigration into America, there is an increased need to educate everyone about our common traditions and civic values. Several organizations have given citizenship and civics tests to American citizens with dismal results--up to 70% failing the test in some cases with many not knowing what the Bill of Rights is.
The American Challenge addresses these concerns by offering a complete review of American history, civics, and culture. It is a unique collection of everything that makes America the great country that it is. It even includes the official U.S. Citizenship Test at the end with cross references to the relevant material. It is amply illustrated and includes material not found in other books. See the complete Table of Contents.

A challenge for all Book Groups!
Use The American Challenge in your book groups or study groups to learn about your country and test your knowledge in this important election year. Besides sample questions from the U.S. Citizenship Test, the guide has some fun trivia questions, a crossword puzzle, and a number of discussion questions.
Download free American Challenge Study Guide.
Poetry for a Lifetime

An award-winning anthology of unforgettable poems that have been selected for their rhyme and their importance. This anthology contains more than 340 poems that tell stories, teach history, make you laugh or inspire and challenge you. Poetry for a Lifetime is perfect for all ages. The collection of poems is fully indexed and arranged by themes ranging from youth, through advice and challenge, to looking back over your life. There are illustrations and comments for many of the poems. This anthology includes classics such as "The Cremation of Sam McGee", "The Men That Don't Fit In", "The Raven", "If", "Paul Revere's Ride", and "O Captain! My Captain!". Enjoy these verses and get inspired. See the complete Table of Contents, or read comments from satisfied customers.

The Camper's Companion



The Camper's Companion is a great compilation of famous poems, short stories and helpful tips for the outdoors. It is a small and lightweight camping paperback designed to fit your backpack or your pocket. Make it an indispensable addition to your backpack on every camping trip. You'll be referring to it over and over again. This is a great resource for Scouts and other avid campers. Besides the great stories and poems, this camping guide includes guidelines to help you survive life-threatening survival situations, as well as complete star maps, morse code tables and Leave No Trace guidelines. Read comments from satisfied customers.

The Military Companion
The latest addition to our Companion series is The Military Companion. It is designed for our soldiers and Marines who are serving their country. In addition to well-known poems, it has some great stories including Pickett's Charge and Sergeant York's Diary, inspiring speeches, helpful tips, survival information, military information, maps of the world and flags of the world. This is a great gift to any soldier or Marine from their family or friends.

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